Just The Beginning…

Please welcome, Startail Tumbler Productions! I’ve decided, I need to get more films made and I need to do it now. With my long term editing assistant and closest friend from years of University together – Jymmy Stardust/Kayla Howard – moving to Canada in October to pursue her love of production design (and getting the [...]

I have a pet unicorn.

And he lives at Dave the Happy Singer’s flat, on the penthouse suite of the bookcase. His name is Mr Unicorn and has nice friends like @kitestringpops and @JymmyStardust. Unicorns are wonderful creatures. They are made of sparkles and happy stuff. Dave likes to argue that Mr Unicorn isn’t made of such things. I disagree. [...]

I Am Friends With Pigeons

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Twitch. Twitch is a Southbank pigeon I roll with when I’m in between classes at film school. We hang with our friend, Ellie, who works at New Zealand Natural.  Ellie has known Twitch for awhile and I only met this fine bird in the last few [...]

I Like Ducks

Have you seen a pile of ducks? It’s awesome. Let me show you: I’m now off to wander the intertubes for more ducks.