Vaccination Saves Lives

Posted on December 29th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network

If you’ve been following the Woodford Folk Festival fiasco regarding Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) appearance as a speaker, you’ve likely heard about today’s visit by Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (StopAVN) to probably the largest annual festival in Australia. Members of this volunteer collective visited the festival by plane and by foot.

I am an infrequent blogger but today I have an important message to share with you:


There is a towbanner soaring 500ft above Woodford as this is published, displaying this message proudly.

There is no debate. There is no conspiracy. There is no doubt. Vaccination saves everyone in our community. From suffering. From death.

I’m turning 23 next month and I’m so grateful to live in a time where I do not have to watch my family and friends suffer from polio. Where the medical advances so many of us take for granted are saving lives right now. Our grandparents tell us of the horrors they and their loved ones before them faced when they had no defense against diseases like measles that took so many lives. It seems to us younger ones living now, that it’s all just a thing of a past.

But it won’t be if we don’t keep an active fight against the diseases that caused the suffering of so many in the past and unfortunately is still causing deaths of our most vulnerable today.

My qualifications are not in medicine or in science. So instead of getting into the details where others can do a far superior and qualified job of doing so, here are some quick facts on vaccines and the Australian Vaccination Network.

Some things to know about vaccines

Some things to know about the AVN and Meryl Dorey

The information I have provided here is just a tiny snapshot of what Stop the Australian Vaccination Network have been running campaigns for and has been growing in strength since 2009. I hope for those out there currently seeking answers regarding vaccination that you do use your freedom of choice to come to an conclusion that you are confident in for yourself, family and community. StopAVN will try their best to assist by providing evidence based information so you are fully informed on vaccination.

But how did StopAVN get to soar over Woodford Folk Festival?

Thirty-four citizen activists contributed with individual donations from $15 to $300 to cover the $2,800 cost of the plane and towbanner (that’s not even 1% of the AVN’s audited revenue for 2010).

Anyone can be a part of spreading this positive message. If you want to raise awareness, you can be part of StopAVN. If you wish to assist, please visit StopAVN’s Vaccination Saves Lives campaign page. Also, visit here for blogger resources.

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  1. Shame on the Woodford Folk Festival for giving this deluded woman and her organisation a platform to spread their misinformation. Shame on Arts Queensland and the Moreton Bay Regional Council for providing funding when they knew exactly what Ms Dorey and the AVN were trying to do there.

    There should be laws against deliberately misleading people in ways that will harm them.

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